Locally Advanced Thyroid Cancer
Differentiated Thyroid Cancer (DCT) is the most common endocrine cancer and occurs in 5% of thyroid nodules.

For reasons not fully explained its incidence is increasing although its prognosis is excellent, with a long-term disease-free survival of about 90% at 20 years.

Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (PTC) is the most frequent cancer affecting the thyroid gland, it spreads through the lymphatic system and it can be detected in regional lymph nodes in up to 80-90%.

Neck Ultrasound study has been shown to be a useful tool to preoperatively stage Thyroid Cancer, as well as to diagnose and monitor recurrences.

Total Thyroidectomy is the best approach to Thyroid Cancer; CND and MRND should be done in all cases in which lymph node involvement is evident or highly suspicious. Although controversial, prophylactic neck dissection is also suggested.

The systematic use of ultrasound and new technologies (Harmonic scalpel, intraoperative PTH assay, RLN intraoperative monitoring, etc.) allow us to perform Thyroidectomy and Neck dissection in a safe way with a low morbidity rate.

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